Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I’ve started working on this years stock of Christmas Decorations.

DSCF6664This is a finished one from last year.

DSCF6632All lined up. These have been bound and are waiting for the next step, the weaving. I posted a tutorial on how to make these last Christmas. Click on the Dorset Button category in the right nav bar.

DSCF6667I’ve got that many again all ready for embellishing with beads. I need to dye some more red thread as it is the one Christmas colour I am missing. I’ll post the finished images when I’m done.

DSCF6636 These are based on the Christmas puff from last week but are MUCH smaller.

DSCF6638I’ve used a 3cm diameter circle for these ones.

DSCF6641A little fiddlier to make but still quick & simple.

DSCF6642A tutorial on how to make these will be published in this week’s Messenger column. I’ll post it to the blog on Sunday. 


marigold jam said...

Very festive - I too am making some tree decorations and including some Dorset buttons.


marigold jam said...

Pretty decorations - I too have been making some tiny tree decs as gifts and have in mind to do some Dorset buttons too.