Saturday, 16 October 2010

Get Knotted

One of our local councils recently asked me to develop another class along the same lines as the Kumhimo Classes. Get Knotted, still narrowares, will feature as part of the Older & Bolder Program that continues until the end of November. DSCF6619

Alan made me some stands that will allow the threads to be kept at tension.The finished braid rolls around the centre bar so that the participant can keep sitting in same place.

DSCF6620 We will be using satin cord in the class simply because if any of the participants have arthritis, poor eyesight etc they will still be able to manage.DSCF6617 I have made some samples from other threads so they can see some of the possibilities. First class is on Friday and I still need to write the instruction sheets and draw the diagrams. Might be a work in progress.

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marigold jam said...

Takes me back to the braid making module on my City and Guilds Creative Textile course so many years ago. I did enjoy messing about with yarns like this and decided to make braids one of my chosen 2 options to study in more depth. Thanks for the reminder - I might do some more!