Friday, 1 October 2010


Thought it was time for a catch up with Alan's creations. I love both of the showcased designs  so much that I have given him top billing. Just this once though. When we first started the business Alan did a lot of timberwork using recycled and found timber, wood and other objects. In recent years the timberwork has taken a bit of a backseat while we concentrated on setting up the wholesale side of the Hand Dyed Fabric & Threads.
Recently Alan had some bits and pieces gifted to him that inspired him to create.  

 This mirror has been made from 109 yr old timber. The metal brackets and decorative pieces are from an old dray.
This bit of timber is off an old slab hut.  Now Alan has no intention of going back into full porduction again but he has enjoyed making these one off pieces. Who knows what he'll create next.

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