Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Crafter's Way 151 - Fabric Charms

Fabric Charms - This week's Messenger column

I designed these little cuties after a Linda gave me some fabric scraps early last year. The scraps were exactly 3cm wide, their length varied. Quick and simple to hand sew their uses are endless.

You will need: fabric scraps, sewing needle and thread, small amount of stuffing and 3mm wide ribbon,

Step 1: Cut scraps 3cm x 5cm.
Step 2: Fold short edge in half, right sides of fabric together.

Step 3: Hand sew along short edge in direction of arrows. Pivot at corner then sew along long edge.

Step 4: Trim corners. Turn to right side.

Step 5: This is the only tricky bit. We need to sew the open edge closed. Hold the fabric between your thumb and first finger. Your first finger is at the sewn seam; your thumb is at the bottom folded edge. Gently press together. The sewn seam is now in the middle of the open edge, the point market “x’. You will use coordinating thread.

Step 6: Insert small amount of stuffing into charm.Finger press the seam allowance inside the charm. Sew in the direction of the arrow. About halfway along seam fold ribbon in half and insert, continue sewing seam closed.

This same shape can be made larger. Using the same principle I designed a Doorstop for The Oz material Girls. Visit my blog  and follow the links.

You can also add seeds beads along bottom edge then thread onto a Pandora style bracelet. The first couple you make will seem quite fiddly but persevere and it will become easier, I can sew 8 charms in 10 mins.


Hot Fudge said...

I really admire your patience Trish - they are well and truly worth the effort.

Trish Goodfield said...

Thanks Robyn. Patience is not a word usually associated with me.

marigold jam said...

Pretty! I made sone of these from some braid I had woven in reds and golds and used them as tree decorations. Yours are more delicate but could be used in the same way.