Friday, 6 August 2010

Kids Kumi Classes

I have just finished 2 days of Kumihimo classes with the Year 4's from Tullawong.
We had the best of Queensland's winter sun and were able to sit under the rotunda and braid away.
I love that it is a craft activity that boys of that age enjoy.

Even if we stop and have a chat along the way. One of the girls told me her braid was going into her 'special box'. I asked her what else was in her 'special box'. She said, "nothing this is the very first thing". I thought that was so sweet.
And the Teachers enjoy it as much as the kids. One hundred Year 4's will be getting off the bus this afternoon wearing red  & blue kumihimo bracelets.

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marigold jam said...

Great to see the children doing kumihimo. I did it as part of my City and Guilds Creative Textile course and enjoyed it no end - you have reminded me and now I must have a go again!