Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hit the Refresh Button

First up this morning I quickly dyed some offcuts of fabric. They are from the end of the roll and have some gold printed text on it. They are very popular in our bargain bin although one of the market vendors has dibs on this lot. She uses the fabric in her wallets and journals.
Last week I ran out of stock of our Dye Kits. This morning I decided that I would redesign the way they are packaged. I went a little more rustic. When  I saw them in the Dye House I was very pleased with how good they looked en masse.
I was on a roll so I decided that I would also refresh the packaging style of some of the fabric. Then that lead to reorganising the shop and on and on.
Now I just need to iron the dyed fabric and I'm done for the day.

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melanie said...

I love the look of those offcuts!