Thursday, 1 July 2010

Craft Update

I've been diligently preparing for BrisStyle Indie Eco Market. That is between School Holiday Classes and dyeing fabric and vintage tape.
I've been making these really tiny fabric charms. Same idea as the doorstop I designed for the OzMaterial Girls but super small. Actually I started making this size first and upsized the pattern for the doorstop.
I was searching for something else and found some more Vintage Cotton Tape. I thought I had used it all up with the last batch. this was a nice surprise. I also found some fringing that was just dyeing for some colour.

I'll will finish dyeing the rest tomorrow. Not sure what colours yet, possible the rainbow. It was been very popular with the last batch.
 I couldn't throw out the paper towel I was mopping up the excess dye with, it was too pretty. Once it dries I can iron it and then use it another project.
And then I could no longer ignore the fabric that was waiting to be folded. This lot still needs to be pressed. Where is my Ironing Genie?


Jensters said...

Enjoyed looking at your dying as i have brought my first two dyes today and havn't the foggiest what i will be doing he-he

Love those fabric charms.

Sally said...

These are so cute.