Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Vintage Tape

I was recently given some Vintage cotton tape. And I mean seriously vintage, at least 50 years old. It was quite funny how I ended up with so much. A friend was recently helping her mother downsize when she found a couple of small rolls. She quickly pilfered it for me. When I was showing Alan my stash he went quiet. He disappeared into his shed and brought out about a half a dozen more full rolls. It turns out that when this friend's father died Alan scored a lot of his 'shed stuff', complete with tape. It was in amazingly good condition, a bit yellow but no rotting. An overnight soak in Nappysan fixed that. Now you know there was no way it was staying white. Here is a few of the colours that I have dyed so far.
 As my friend Laura always describes it as 'Dirty Green'.
 A Dark Variegated Pink.
  And a lighter pink, hopefully, for Maygan.
 Blue for boys.
Black, Violet and Green for Aaron
Last but not least, Sorbet

Still have quite a bit to dye yet. Any suggestions for fun colourways. These aren't going to be a stock item so we may as well have some fun.


Fran said...

Can't wait to see how they look finished.

Jude said...

Looking good. These are sure to be popular.