Friday, 4 June 2010

Saviour of the Lost Arts

As part of the Saviours of the Lost Arts at the Bleeding Heart Gallery a group of BrisStylettes conducted a information session with a couple of accompanying demonstrations. The photos were taken by Robyn of Hot Fudge.
Bec Hollis and I on the couch talking BrisStyle, Etsy and all things crafty.
Can't believe people took notes. Before we knew it time was up and I started my Kumihimo session.
Everyone was keen to have a go. the session was scheduled for 40 mins. Enought time to give a taste of how fun Kumihimo can be.

Withing 5 mins everyone was braiding confidently. Some even contnued braiding while watching the next demonstration. SOLA has been lots of fun. hope they run it again.

1 comment:

Hot Fudge said...

Nice pics ;)

You really had them eating out of your hand at the SOLA session. See you tomorrow Trish!