Saturday, 10 April 2010

I'm Back

Where have I been? At home with Chicken Pox. YUK!

Just before I got them I had Eco Dyed a huge batch of threads. So since I've been back we got busy with packaging and a slightly different display.
The second colour from the front is a new one. It's purple and gold.

Front to back: Rayon, Stranded Cotton, Fine Silk and Silk.


Stranded Silk

Fine Silk

Lots more colours to add yet.


Thea said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear you had the pox - how did that happen? I hope you feel better soon. The colours are beautiful though!

Laura said...

Ha, it was chicken pox after all. Glad you're all better now. I'll have to come and buy some of your threads next Sunday Trish. See you then.