Thursday, 15 April 2010

GOLD Program - Kumihimo

Earlier in the week I ventured to the Brisbane Botanical Gardens to run a Kumihimo Class for the Brisbane City Council. The Botanical Gardens were the ones at Mt Cootha not the City Gardens. This was a Class for the GOLD program which is run for the over 50's.

The Class was scheduled to be held at the lookout. The weather was little overcast when I left home but the rain held off.  This is the view from the lookout, toward the city. I discovered that during the week it is possible to drive around the gardens. This is a bonus for older people as it is quite hilly.

It really is a lovely spot. Well sheltered. The shelter was needed as the rain closed in . By the time we finished we couldn't even see the City. The rain didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm for Kumihimo.


Anonymous said...
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Flo said...

Teaching in a park, great idea.