Saturday, 13 February 2010

Monoprinting, Sort of.

I finished off the space dyeing of the threads this week. I had little bits of thickened dye left over. Not enough to keep but too much to throw away.

I decided to do some monoprinting. Not the arty sort, more the kindergarten sort.

I dripped dye onto the plate and swirled around with my fingers. Then I placed the fabric strips down onto the plate. I didn't use a brayer, just gently applied a little pressure with my hand.

I don't mind that the fabric doesn't sit flat on the plate, it give it a little more variation to the finished print. They need to dry. I let then dry flat.

These are some of the finished strips. They'll just go in the stash.

Now the word monoprint means 1 print, but I have never beed that literal. These pieces were actually laid onto the plate immediately after the first print. I didn't add any extra dye. It has resulted in a lighter shade.  This is always fun to do, let go of any expectations and start fingerpainting.

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