Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kumihimo Designer

I received this link from a  forum friend and thought I'd share it with the you. It's a web site where you can experiment with color placement to make designs with the kongoh braid.

It's called "Frienship Bracelet Designer" It's easy to use - just pick a color and click where it goes. The "braid" shows the results. You can set it up for 8 to 32 elements (in increments of 4) by clicking the "+" or "-" in the middle of the setup diagram.  You can then click on the image further down and it shows you the movements of the elements. This is for a round braid structure only.

You'll need Java installed on your computer to use it (free download from java.com if you don't already have it).

Thanks Anita for sharing.

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Lisa said...

This looks like fun, something the kids would enjoy playing around with.