Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Down Under Textiles

Finally, Australia has its own inspirational and educational textile magazine. Down Under Textiles fills a gap in our market appealling to beginner and experienced textile and fibre artists alike.

The latest techniques, tools and products will be showcased; colour, design and composition theory will be discussed in easy-to-grasp articles; Galleries will showcase art pieces that demonstrate current techniques and materials.

With plenty of ideas to inspire, art pieces to see and learn from, and informative articles to help you acquire or reinforce simple and complex textile skills that are suitable for a wide range of fibre works, this magazine will be your new best friend when it comes to expanding upon skills and gaining greater confidence.

The first issue includes: • Wood block printing , How to use Lutradur, An interview with Australian fibre artist Felicity Clarke,  Colour advice from leading artisans and much more.

Down Under textiles is NOT available at Newsagents.  TrishAlan Designs has a limited supply for sale in store. If you want a copy email me at trishalandesigns(at)bigpond(dot)com(dot)


Linda Lilly C said...

Oh I cant be bothered emailing but you know that sounds like something right up my alley. Please put one aside for me...oh how much by the way?...I shall get it sometime...bleah yuck....bloody MS
kiss noises Linda

Karen Brock said...

I'm interested in subscribing to the mag for my Mum as a gift. Is there a website Trish?