Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Crafter's Way 125- Recycled Fridge Magnets Craft Tutorial

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Fridge Magnets

Here is the first Green Tutorial. You can certainly go and buy new bottle caps and magnets but many of us throw these items out regularly. Instead of putting in the bin try putting them on your fridge.

You will need: Metal bottle caps, magnets, images (fabric or paper) resin and super glue. I reused the magnets from last year’s fridge calendars. The images were scraps of my hand dyed fabric and paper.

Step 1: Cut out the images to fit inside the bottle cap. Hint: Cut them slightly larger so that it fills the sides of the cap.

Step 2: Glue the images inside the bottle cap. It is important that they sit flat, they will cause air bubbles if they don’t. Brush a little glue on the front surface of the image. Leave to thoroughly dry.

Step 3: Working in a well ventilated area mix the resin according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Do not guess amount, measure carefully. Mix gently so as not cause air bubbles in the mixture. Pour resin into bottle caps. Leave to set. Setting time will vary according to manufacturer.

Step 4: Cut magnet to fit the back of the bottle cap. Attach to bottle cap with superglue. Leave to dry.

You can also attach a necklace finding instead of the magnet. Just follow all but Step 4.
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Karen Brock said...

These look great and so simple!
I need magnets for the boys noticeboards and have been wondering how I go about making them.
Thanks for the instructions.
Karen :)

Trish Goodfield said...

Thank you Karen. I use resin from the hardware store. never have much luck with the 'craft' resin.

Kylie said...

It's a great idea Trish. I've often thought about how many fill up our bin... not that we're alcoholics or anything!... you know what I mean ;) Great tutorial. K