Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Takadai Braid Progress

This is my first 2/2 Oblique Twill Braid.

After one complete sequence.

After 3 sequences you can see that the braid is just past the Torii Bar.

And after 5 sequences the braid has just started to roll around the warp roller. I have to admit that I felt all at sea to begin with; couldn't get used to the rythym of the braid. After 5 sequences though I'm starting to get the hang of it.......I think.


Maxine said...

It looks fine to me, can't wait to see the finishd braid

Chrisy said...

oh honey is there no end to your's wonderful! I imagine this would be either very relaxing...or very stressful...hope it's the former!

Trish Goodfield said...

It is very relaxing. I do this for me, no time frames, no 'must do'.I love waiting to see if the pattern is what I expected.