Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Christmas Decoration Tutorial 1.5

This is the next in the promised tutorial for making your own Christmas Decorations. Well, this one is half a tutorial. Not every step has a photo but its pretty simple so I think you will have no problems.

You will need: fabric scraps in plain fabric, fabric scraps in coloured or patterned fabric, stamps and ink pad, sewing thread.

Step 1: Using an ink pad stamp some suitable warm and fuzzy words onto your plain fabric scraps. These won't be getting wet so a normal stamp pad is fine.

Step 3: Using some cardboard templates trace a shape around your words.

Step 4: Using pinking scissors cut out your shape.

Step 5: Place your plain fabric shape onto patterned or coloured fabric.
Step 6: Sew around the edge of plain fabric shape. I used different coloured threads. using up the small bits left on bobbins. Don't try to be neat. The effect is gained by being 'scribbly'.
Step 7: Add the metal grommett, add some pretty ribbon and hang from your tree.

This can easily be adapted to use paper or a combination of paper and fabric. Don't have a sweing machine. Try some simple running or back stitch to join fabric pieces.

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