Monday, 7 September 2009

Dylon Dyes 43 - More Girlfriend

Got my copy of Girlfriend Magazine and wanted to organise a display with the page from the magazine and the top.

I kept planning to do this but found I was running out of time. I asked Alan (imagine slightly whiny tone) if he could come up with something. I think he did a fab job. Cropped the tiny photo of the singlet, enlarged it then laminated it with the cover of the magazine. Alan is now in charge of Visial Merchandising.

This is Jacquie from Dylon wearing a pair of the leggings I dyed for her. Poor thing ducked into a change room to try on this funky top and I snapped the pic when she came out. I think the top is just perfect for the leggings. I've got a purple pair.
Grab a copy of Girlfriend and have a go.


Sharlene said...

So wonderful to have your project in Girlfriend magazine. And so good to see younger people becoming involved in craft. Well done!

Walt said...

Is the shirt for sale?

Judy Scott said...

well done - this is wonderful!