Monday, 10 August 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

It seems that lately everybody I know is finding old magazines that had been secreted away for long forgotten reasons. My latest addition is a Woman's Day from August 15th 1983.

It features this pullout book full of " attractive craft ideas to make". Don't scoff, this is part of their Collector Series. The first thing that caught my eye was the horse. When I was in Grade 3, about 10 years earlier, we made this style of horse in a sewing class. And today, softies are everywhere. Everything old is new again.

Except maybe for this. It is a knitted pine cone pin cushion. Mmmmm. Not sure if we are ready for this again. If you really want to recreate this item I'm happy to email you the pattern. I want to keep the original, after all it IS a Collectors Item.


Chrisy said...

Great collectable here! You're so right about the everything old is new again...I've been lucky enough to find some old books at op if you ever need a pattern for say...knitted know who to ask!

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

I love the horse! About 10 yrs.
ago; I had a little craft business
and I designed a rocking horse -
because my sister said "I couldn't"
It was one of my biggest sellers!
Good to see all these things coming
back again.

Jackie said...

The pin cushion is sooo 1980's.