Friday, 7 August 2009

Dylon Dyes 39

I've had these images for weeks and had forgotten to share them with you.

I was using the exhausted dyebath of Dylon's Sunflower Yellow and Flamingo Pink.

I've scrunched up the silks and jammmed them into my honey containers and slowly and carefully poured the colour over. There was no excess dye pooling in the bottom of the container. I left them soaking overnight.

The first image is the Laundered Silk that I used in all the original colour trials. The second is Sari Silk. It has a lovely arty paper feel to it. The last is a Thai Silk that my brother bought for me. It has retained the scrunched look, no amount of steam is removing it. Just remember that this is the exhausted dye not the first dip. To see how silk dyes using the Dylon Dyes check the earlier posts labelled 'Dylon'.

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Uniquely Yours Creations said...

Oh I didn't know you can
leave the dye overnight
soaking. I like the way
the colors blend here.