Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Crafter's Way 106 - Flower Power

Sorry, I've been a little tardy posting this week's Messenger column.

Flower Power

Here is another tutorial to make a fabric flower. This one uses a little more fabric but is quite easy. I’ve made my flower from 2 shades of pink however it looks just as effective if you mix up coordinating prints.

You will need: fabric in 2 colours/prints, scissors, strong sewing thread, needle, button or beads.

Step 1: Trace off 4 circles in each fabric. I used a glass as my template. Cut each circle in half. You should now have 16 semi-circles.

Step 2: Fold each of your semi- circles in half, finger press along crease line.

Step 3: Sew a narrow seam down the short straight edge. I used the sewing machine but you can just as easily hand sew the seam. Turn each to the right side.

Step 4: Divide your petals into two groups. Using your strong sewing thread sew a running stitch along the open edge of the first petal. When you get to the end carry the thread across to the next petal. Continue until all petals in first group are joined.

Step 5: This is where you will regret not having used strong thread. Gently gather up the thread, drawing the petals into a circle shape. Take a couple of backstitches into the reverse side. Repeat Step 4 & 5 with the second group of petals.

Step 6: Stack one circle of petal on top of the other. Offset the petal so that you can see them all. Stitch though the centre securing the layers. Bring needle to top side and secure button in place. Take needle back to the reverse and finish off.


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Fabulous tutorial, Trish - thank you! K