Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Crafter's Way 105- Kanzashi Flowers

Flowers are the theme for this week's Messenger column.

Kanzashi Flowers

Spring must be in the air as I have a couple of flower projects planned for the next couple of weeks. I first learnt to make these flowers when I was in Japan a couple of years ago; they are based on origami folds.

1. Cut a square of fabric. This one is 10cm sq (1a).

Fold it diagonally. Finger press the fold (1b).

2. Open out the fold then refold on the opposite diagonal.

3. You now have a triangle. With the long edge closest to you fold the one corner to the point.(3a)

Fold the remaining corner to the point (3b).

4. Fold fabric in half along original fold line from step 1.

5. Holding the point turn the fabric over (5a).

Fold the left corner into the fold line (5b).

Fold the right corner into the fold line (5c).

6. Turn to right side. Pin folds in place. You have now created your first petal.

To finish: Continue creating petals until you have enough for you flower. Odd numbers look best. Place petals right side down into a circle. Stitch petals together. You may need to trim the lower edge of each petal to get them to sit properly against each other. This will depend on the weight of the fabric used. To create centre of flower: sew on beads or a button. Turn flower to wrong side and attach small piece of felt. Attach hair clip or brooch back.


Fran said...

Great tutorial, thanks for explaining so clearly.

Paula said...

Flowers are always in season. Great how to.

Sandrine said...

wonderful flower tutorial Trish and thaks for your kind words on my blog ;)