Thursday, 13 August 2009

Blacksmith But Not As You Know It

Out here at Old Petrie Town we have not one but two working blacksmiths. What these guys create couldn't be any further from horseshoes. One of them has even created some commissioned pieces for Elton John. Alan spied this yesterday afternoon and suggested I go and have look. It's a huge tree. I left all of the guff in the background so that you could see the size.

As I was walking back the guys from the Fire Brigade Musuem had one of the old trucks out the front. Note the wooden ladder.

And the Steam Engine Guild had left these 2 outside on the road. They both work... very noisily. Would never have passed OHS standards.


Hot Fudge said...

What an amazing work of art Trish. And here I was thinking that blacksmiths only shod horses. I guess the tree has to be an ironbark (boom-boom).

Thea said...

Very modern work indeed although I really do like the steam engines.

Pete said...

Looks like it would be at home in a medieval style movie.