Thursday, 9 July 2009

To Do

Today felt like a blah day. It seems my day was one long To Do List. Ring this person and check that they've processed the invoice, ring that person and confirm our attendance. I'm more of a goal person, if the task that I'm doing isn't moving me toward achieving my goals then it just doesn't seem important. My attention started to wander.

First of all to this piece of artwork. Its Hand Dyed Paper.

I created it but somehow never noticed the swirling, marbled pattern.

Then I noticed that I hadn't changed the dummy for a while. Got a nice new outfit.

And then I noticed this on the way home in the car. I can never decipher what these sorts of plates mean but I got this one. Actually I'm surprised that it passed through the Transport Dept.
If you can't work it out, go ask your children.


Jodie said...

You can't imagine how many times I have had to have my daughter decipher SMS & twitter lingo. I feel sooo out of touch. But yes, I get this one (LOL!)

Jane said...

Your paper art is beautiful.

Sandy said...

I sit behind cars and try to work out their plates too. Some are sooo lame.