Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Slow Blooms

The first batch of these Flower Brooches went together so quickly. I was cutting out the fabric, sewing them together and glueing the brooch back on inside 20 mins. I was very happy. This timeframe continued for the next couple of batches.

Last week I decided to make some more. I had been given some different fabric offcuts and thought they would be perfect for flower brooches.

Today I finally finished them, they seemed to take forever. I coudn't get them to gather evenly, the fabric was sliding everywhere, you name a problem and I experienced it. They're done now and I think they have been worth the wait.

Not bad for fabric that all started out in different purposes. The rust red one is made from a table runner that a friend had given me. The red was from a skirt she shortened. The black was some left over fabric from a top she made her daughter. And now they are all Flower Brooches.
Haven't tried Kumihimo yet? Why wait any longer?


Laura said...

I think they have been worth the wait, lovely colours

Melinda said...

Sequinned Flowers, what more could girl want to brighten winter up.

Tammi said...

How about writing one of your easy to understand tutorials?

Fran said...

They look so different depending on the fabric you used. I Like.

Sandrine said...

Your blooms look fabulous to me ;)

Laura said...

Hi Trish,
They're finally finished! They look great.