Monday, 27 July 2009

Look What I Got.

Does anybody remember when the Sunday Papers used to have a Free Dress Pattern that you could send away for? Well, I used to covet these. Nobody in our immediate family could sew. We didn't own a sewing machine. There was no encouragement to learn sewing or any other craft. Mum was and still is a terrific cook. But every week I would flick right past the comics to see what this week's pattern was.

I went to a garage sale on the weekend and found 2 pattern from the Sunday Mail, still in their original envelopes.

I was not going home without these. Other than pulling out these pages I haven't looked at the rest.

I have no idea what sizes they make up. Finally I have a pattern from the Sunday Papers.

I also scored from the same sale some old Irish Linen. It was only when I showed it to Linda's Mum that it was identified as Huckaback Fabric. Stay tuned for next week's "The Crafter's Way" column for further info on Huckaback Embroidery. I'm so going to have a go at this. My Hand Dyed threads will work a treat.


Kylie said...

Oh wow! I am soooo impressed! Love the patterns, love the fabrics..... REALLY need to find out where these fabulous garage sales are! Thanks for sharing these - just wonderful :) K

i cant sew said...

dont you just love it when you find that special something! we recently found some berry pins in their original container and did a dance.
see you soon
%*_*% rosey