Saturday, 4 July 2009


What a huge success! The BrisStyle Indie Designers Market went off with a bang.

I arrived just after 10am, the market had been going a little over and hour and you literally couldn't move it was so crowded with customers. I stood in a doorway just behind the promo table, held my camera up and snapped.

This was taken around midday. There were still heaps of people arriving through the doors.

This photo is a bit dodgy but you can see that we still had lots of customers. Apparently the takeaway shops across the road from the hall ran out of food. They didn't expect the crowds either.

Oh! Unfortunately I didn't get away from the promo table to take any photos of the stalls but once the girls have recovered I'm sure there will be heaps on their blogs.Congratulations to Helen, Sophie, Chris and all the stallholders. Brilliant.


Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Gorgeous day and I did make some little purchases besides the Peppermint and Mixtape magazines I promise to let you read next week.
Too tired now, cup of tea and a bit of a read I think, see you in the morning.
Kiss noises Linda
I mean in the morning at the shop...that sounded weird and rather than delete it I shall just explain myself.
KN again

i cant sew said...

oh how i wish i could have made baby had her 3rd birthday party so i was too busy.
i might try to be ready with a stall for christmas...

Sandrine said...

Hi Trish lovely to see you yesterday thanks for the Mag mention!Yes Incroyable it was "Un bain de foule" (means like bathing in crowdd of people!)But GREAT!

glenna said...

looks like a wonderful market. I would have enjoy myself if I could have been there!!!!

Flo said...

How wonderful for all you hardworking BrisStylettes. Well done.

bubbachenille said...

Thanks for the huge mention in the messenger, I owe you big time!! Had my best market ever yesterday,beautiful customers, beautiful stall holders and beautiful peeps on the promo table ! Congrats to everyone.

Sharlene said...

Wasn't it a wonderful day. You could not breath for happy shoppers and sellers. Thanks for all your hard work with the Messenger.

Nicole said...

Thankyou for manning the promo table Trish. Would love to see your stall at the Christmas market :)