Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Exhaust Dyeing With Dylon

Remember Dylon's Intense Violet. This fabric was dyed as per the instructions on the pack.

Once the first hour had passed I removed the fabric and started exhaust dyeing. Exhaust dyeing is an unpredictable process, you never know exactly what colour your fabric is going to dye. It is a great way to add to your fabric stash for no extra outlay.

The piece on the top right was the first piece to go into the dye bath. I also decanted a small amount of the dye bath at this stage and finger pleated a piece of fabric, top left. Both these stayed in the dye bath for 1 hour. I repeated the exhaust dyeing process with another piece for 1 hour (bottom right) then finally the final piece also had 1 hour( bottom left). You can see that by this stage there wasn't much colour left in the dye bath.


Carol R. said...

Those are all lovely and would be a compliment to any fabric stash. I think my favorite one is the finger-pleated piece. And purple is my favorite color.

Sandrine said...

Cool! we did dying today in my nuno felt workshop..still need more practise;)