Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Crafters' Way 92 - More Blogs

Here is this week's Messenger Column.

More Blog Fun

Here’s some more blogs full of crafty ideas, inspiration and how- to’s. The blog author is Kathy Cano- Murillo her blog is filled with lots of up to date craft info and easy to follow projects. Beware; there is nothing sedate about Kathy’s art. It’s full of colour, glitz and glamour. I love it. Before you leave Kathy’s blog click through to her website for a whole lot more craft.
 if you’ve been lucky enough to view any of the Quilting Arts DVD’s you will be familiar with Kelli Nina Perkins. Her vibrant use of colour is evident throughout her blog posts. You won’t find any pastels here. This site is easy to navigate with a list of labels on the sidebar; even if you’re just browsing you can skip right to the posts that interest you. Usually I only follow blogs that post frequently however; I make an exception for this site. Posts might be erratic but I keep this site bookmarked and check back regularly. I’m never disappointed. The image is one of Kelli’s projects.

 Talk about making craft cool, Louise is leading the way. Okay I may be a little bias, Louise is a fellow member of BrisStyle but she is seriously changing the face of craft. If you still don’t believe me check out her aprons. You may have seen Louise recently on Brisbane Extra with her upcycled Chest of Drawers. She has listed all the tips and techniques for this project on her blog. Even if you not that into craft (does such a person exist?) Louise’s blog will make you laugh out loud. Great fun!

These last 2 blogs and are being reviewed together as they are both full of free tutorials. Crafterholic is written by a young girl in her final year at high school. Don’t let her youth put you off; she has a refreshing take on all things crafty. Totally Tutorials is a directory of free tips, craft tutorials, how to’s and patterns. The author also actively encourages readers to submit their own tutorials. This helps keep the blog fresh and up to date.

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Liz said...

I'm off to view these blogs. Your recommendations are always spot on.