Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Crafters' Way 92 - LANDscapers

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Some of you may already have seen LANDscapers at the State Library of Queensland. If you missed it there you have a couple more opportunities. The 2nd Queensland display of this temporary installation project will be at the Judith Wright Centre of Contempory Arts. LANDscapers is a collaborative project of two artists, Nicole Voedvodin-Cash and Elizabeth Wood. I recently caught up with Elizabeth to discuss the project.

What is the difference between an installation and sculpture?
Installation art is the use of sculptural materials and other interesting material to transform a space or, arguably, an area. Installation art is not necessarily confined to gallery spaces and can be any material intervention in everyday public or private spaces whereby sculpture I think, in the context you are referring, is something permanent placed in a public space.

What is the inspiration behind the installation?
The inspiration behind this project was that both artists wanted to work together on one project. We know each other well so we mixed our thought and materials. The work incorporates Nicole's techniques of working with the inflatable and my concepts about walking. The importance of these concepts together produced LANDscapers.

What is the installation made from?White Sail Cloth

Is it physical work?
Yes, it is extremely physical both for the artist in the making and the viewers in the viewing. The work also breathes. We have made a program that allows you to measure the length of someone's breath or the breathing pattern of a person.

LANDscapers will journey around Brisbane’s public spaces throughout 2009 transforming each area into voluminous sculptural garden of floating vines. For more information on upcoming dates and events phone artisan on 3215 0862 or visit

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