Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Day 6 - Stitches and Craft Show Prep

We snuck into the shop today to have a dummy run at the exhibit set up. Our plan was that as we are normally closed Tuesdays we should be able to make a bit of a mess.

This we did. We measured off the size. Outlined by old cardboard fabric rolls. The stitched models on the back wall aren't going but I wasn't going to take them all down for this exercise.

We were given this rack and we use it endlessly in the shop. Alan did a quick modification to add a rack to hang threads. Will we put our sign here?

The rack collapsed to this. Didn't know it would do that. If it's good it might get taken out more often.

Put everything back the way we found it (I think) then got started on folding fabric. You can see Stitchery Kits in the top of frame waiting to be packaged as well. Okay I'm off now to make some fabric skirts for the rack.


Lisa said...

The sign needs to move a little to the right,up a bit.... Just kidding. It looks great.

Helen said...

Trishie it's all comming along real nicely - can't wait to see you next week.


Liz said...

That rack is compact. Should make set up lots easier.

Little Diva said...

Hi Trish. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I'm not freaking out just yet as I do have quite a bit of fabric here I can use but I'll be mighty disappointed if it doesn't turn up..

I can't believe it's only a week away - didn't seem long ago I was saying 6 weeks to go. Looks like your prep is coming along nicely too.

See you next week. Christine xo

Nicole said...

Seems like your prep is going smoothly Trish!

Bec said...

You sound so calm and organised in your lead up to this big event. Can't wait to see your stall all set up. I'm SO excited about this event!!!!!
Cheers, Bec XXX