Thursday, 30 April 2009

Day 2 - Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show

I have to admit that my legs felt a little weary this morning. But I ignored it and went to gym as usual. I was glad that I gave myself that push, I felt so much more awake after. After yesterday's full on day today was at a more relaxed pace. Instead of 20 people wanting to get into the stall all at once and then missing sales because they moved on; today was a bit more manageable. We actually sold much more fabric today, probably because people could see it. And later this afternoon I grabbed a couple of pictures of my fellow BrisStylettes.

This is Christine from Little Diva chatting to a customer.

And here is Olivia from Scampsville.

And the lovely Helen from Ruby2GoGo. She was busy promoting BrisStyle when I took this.

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