Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Crafters' Way 89 - Marbled Eggs

Here is this week's Messenger column. The Messenger is having a break for a couple of weeks over Easter.

Marbled Eggs

I like this activity of a couple of reasons; it uses easily sourced materials, it’s suitable for 3-5 yr olds and the eggs remain edible.

You will need:
Eggs, Tissue Paper in Bright Colours Shallow Dish Table protector, newspaper is suitable Paper Towel

Step 1: Hard boil the eggs. Allow to cool. Leave the shells intact .

Step 2: Cover the work table with newspaper or other suitable protector.

Step 3: Tear up tissue paper into small pieces. The grid squares that the paper is sitting on are 1cm square.

Step 4: Put in little water into a shallow dish. Dip the tissue paper into the water then place onto the egg.

Step 5: Continue dipping tissue and placing on egg until the egg is covered. Use the paper towel to mop up any coloured drips.

Step 6: Place the eggs into a cup to dry. Just before the tissue paper dries completely, remove. Pat eggs dry. Your marbled eggs are now ready to display.

I will be attending the North Lakes Farmers Market on Sunday Mornings. Be sure to pop by my stall and say hello.

Have a fun, safe Easter break.

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Hot Fudge said...

Wow - what a fabulous way to make marbled eggs, Trish. I'll keep it in mind if the grandchildren get restless over Easter.