Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Crafters Way 82 - More Inspiration

Here is this week's Messenger column.

More Inspiration

Last week’s article focussed on ways to take your arty crafty projects from inspiration to reality. The feedback was immense with requests for more information. This week I have concentrated on craft blogs that have FREE tutorials. They are listed in no particular order. Many also provide links to more tutorial sites. It would be worth having a look at these as well. The name says it all. They have heaps of tutorials of their own and have listed links of other crafts. The site has a very easy navigation bar, an absolute must when the site is content rich. If you are considering getting out your sewing machine you need to have a visit. The site is mostly sewing however the few tutorials I opened used those small scraps that we hate to throw out. While some of the materials stated are a little hard to source here it is a very simple matter of substituting with something you already have. This site has a few felt tutorials. In the not too distant past you needed to go to a class to learn felting. With wool fibres easier to source and with this site at the ready you should be able to successfully negotiate you way around the simpler projects. I loved this site. They have a Top 100 list of the best Tutorials from last year. I didn’t have time to visit them all but I’ve bookmarked it. This site also has a long list of free tutorials. This is another I will be visiting again when I have a little spare time.

If you have found a craft blog that you love and would like to share it with other readers please email me with the details. We’d love to hear about it.


Chrisy said...

oh this is great...thanks so much for gatherin all this together...

Trish Goodfield said...

Thanks Chrisy, I had a customer in on Sunday who had read the article in The Messenger and was going home to visit the sites mentioned.