Friday, 16 January 2009

Quick Post

It's been another very hot day here in Brisbane and my office/studio at home has been closed up all day. It's stifling in here right now.

I did a whole lot more dyeing of the Colour Graduations today.

And then finished these shirts. I've used a plastic trivet as a rubbing plate with paintsticks. Then added more gold and red stripes out from the centre. It's been inspired by New Years' Fireworks. Blue, blue, red, red. Are Australians the only ones who call out the colours as they explode in the night air?

I have a cold drink waiting on our verandah where hopefully the sea breeze is visiting.


bubbachenille said...

OK It begs the ? Whats a painstick? Is it painfull? Nice colours though.

Trish Goodfield said...

Miriam,Gosh I must have been tired, I found another typo when I went back and looked. For the record I used paintsticks.