Friday, 23 January 2009

Dyeing Activity

Today I held the last dyeing class for this school holidays. I asked Linda if her 3 kids would like to join in, also the Baker's Daughter Grace. I really wanted to see if it is a feasible project to try sun dyeing with a large group of children.

Of course it rained all night and didn't show any signs of letting up early this morning. When the kids arrived I told them that we wouldn't be able to do it cause it was still overcast but that I had a heap of other stuff we could do.

All of a sudden the sun came out. I checked the sky and there was blue sky all around. We quickly stopped what we were doing, painted sun dye on fabric , put it out in the sun and placed our leaves on. The we waited with fingers crossed. After about an hour it clouded over again. Lucky for us the fabric had dried and left us with perfect leaf shapes.

We also dyed T-shirts, everyone chose a different method. We also did some monoprinting on paper and fabric.

The photos are all courtesy of Linda's son.


Hot Fudge said...

This must have been such a fun day, both for you and for the children, who obviously had a ball. Isn't it wonderful that they can appreciate such simple pleasures?

Trish Goodfield said...

They're special kids. I told 'my four' that we can get together during the Easter Hols and create some art with their dyed paper. We're all looking forward to it.

Arts and Crafts said...

Painting on fabric is a craft idea that’s loads of fun for both children and adults. Kids will love to do this art on fabric.


Trish Goodfield said...

You're right Shelly. We do lots of these classes during the year for both children and adults. Some want to learn so they can do it at home, others just want to play. Either way it's fun for all

Em said...

Hey there,
I would love to see your adult schedule of classes :-)

Trish Goodfield said...

No problem, When I have the next schedule worked out I'll email it to you. I also put a schedule in the sidebar of the blog.