Thursday, 1 January 2009

A Crafting New Year

Happy New Year! Has everyone made their New Year's resolutions? Me either. I really don't believe in them. I do however believe in starting out the year in the way I hope it continues. One of my Mother's Old Wives' Tales was that anything you did on New Year's Day you would do for the rest of the year. That's why Peg never did any washing or housework on this day. While I had no intention of doing any cleaning I did do a few things.

I did a little sewing.

I braided just enough to see the pattern developing.

And did a bit more embroidery. Let's hope this is one Old Wives' Tale that holds true.

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Linda Lilly Cottage said...

OH Dear I am in trouble, we spent the morning in my daggiest of clothes, removing things and rearranging Lilly Cottage and now Tim is cleaning out the caravan....doomed doomed I tell you. Thanks for adding another old wives tale to my list, i am paranoid enough as it is....I spose I have a few more hours to redeem myself and can paint and sew in that time.
Would you show me these fairy shoes already, you are such a tease!!!!
Happy New Year to you both, must go know have to fit some fun things into my day. Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage ( as opposed to any other Linda)