Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Fairy Slippers

Issue 50 of Stitch featured the most gorgeous fairy slippers by Annette Emms. They caught my eye immediately but Iturned the page. I lost interest almost imediately upon reading in the instructions 'free machine embroidery'. It's just not my thing.

My interest was renewed when I received Issue 51. Inside was a double page spread of reader's slippers. Some didn't even have any free machine emboidery. Back I went to Issue 50, reread the instructions and devised my own way.

Here are the beginnings of my fairy slippers, ready for decorating. The fabric is the silk from yesterday. I'm enjoying the hand sewing, I can do it on the verandah, under the pergola, anywhere its cool. I couldn't move the machine around like that. Really looking forward to the embellishing.


bubbachenille said...

Cant wait to see the finished product, they look interesting,

Have a great festive season Trish.

Sophie said...

They look very tiny. You must be sooo patient.