Thursday, 11 December 2008


In all the years I have been dyeing I have never used Sun Dyes. I decided to buy some as I thought it might be a fun activity to include in the School Holiday Dyeing groups. Bonnie from KraftKolour suggested having a practice first.

For the first piece I placed some leaves and some assorted hardware from Alan's shed onto the fabric.

Then I used the same objects on paper. Next time I do paper I will brush the dye on while in the shade then move it into the sun. It was drying out as fast as I could brush it on.

This piece is still 'doing it's thing'. I wanted to see if the shadow from the handle affected the finished fabric.

I'm seeing some holiday dyeing in my future. Should be fun to experiment before letting the kids loose.


Tia said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your sun dyes. I'm sure they will be as amazing as your other fabrics

Maddie said...

This looks like fun. Maybe something I can do with my kids.