Monday, 17 November 2008

Takadai Prep

I've had my takadai for a couple of months now and haven't braided anything. Alan assembled it for me even though I had asked him not to. So it's been sitting downstairs beckoning me everytime I walk out the back door.

Now, I haven't been completely idle where the Takadai is concerned. I first needed extra bobbins, then I needed to decide which braid I was going to tackle. Which threads I was going to use and of course I needed to dye them in the right colour. This has all been accomplished.

Ha! you thought that here would be some photos of my first braid in progress. Wrong!

What you get is Threads and Bobbins,

And Threads wound onto Bobbins. This took 2 hours. I apologise for the photo. It was a very overcast day and I decided to take the opportunity to experiment with some of the settings on my camera.
More photos soon.


Nicole said...

I'm wondering if this was frustrating or therapeutic? Looking forward to seeing the braid!

Trish Goodfield said...

Believe it or not therapeutic. I often find the mundane and repetitive is good for the creative soul.

meushi said...

Winding is actually quite therapeutic, warping is frustrating if you don't have the correct equipment ;)

Well done Trish!