Friday, 21 November 2008

Nature Friday

Anybody who lives in Brisbane or surrounds knows all about the spate of very damaging and frightening storms we've experienced since last Sunday. We have been very lucky to avoid all the bad bits. In fact the storm on Sunday night which caused massive damage was hardly anything on our side of the bay. We were totally unaware of the devastation until we caught up with the news on Monday night.

Last night the storms hit again and again we missed all the bad stuff. This storm felt different. We actually turned off the TV etc. The lightening was spectacular although I'm sure it was lost on those who were in amongst it. It was like a tired starter motor on a fluro light.

I took these on my little Finepix Z, Setting: Manual, High Speed, Continous.

This is the sequence . It's 8pm, looking Northeast.

You can actually see the red flowers on the tree.

This is the only strike, per se, that we saw.

On a much lighter note, Alan spied this possum near the shop.

Alan reckoned he looked old and tired. Wonder if the storm kept him up last night too.

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Melissa said...

Those storms sound pretty scary, the photos, just pretty.