Saturday, 15 November 2008

A Busy Saturday

Up at 4am to get ready to go to the Ipswich Handmade Expo. Yes, it was a earlier than usual start. We had packed the stock last night but didn't load it into the car. We arrived just before 5am loaded the car and I set off.

While I was busy at the markets, Alan was busy at the shop. We had planned some remodelling over the next couple of months but Alan got the structual changes all completed today.

We moved the DMC threads onto another wall. This sounds simple enough , however as the wall served a couple of different purposes Alan needed to modify as he went. We also wanted to change the entrance into the studio to include a bench that I can do my demonstrations on.
Then Alan moved onto the big one. He moved an entire wall. This is our new kitchen space. The window used to be in the display area.
This is the wall from the display side. There are a few minor changes still on the cards but most of the big ones have now been done. Tomorrow I can start on the cosmetic touches. No doubt that will be a work in progress as well.


Linda said...

wow...all that hammering ( well actually didn't hear any)...such a clever I get to see your renovations without making my wobbly wobbly legs walk oveer the road and up the stairs...presuming I was over the road at any time in the near future...not happy Jan! looks great and really can't wait to see it in person, kiss noises Linda Lilly found a Prince for Laura go to Kiss Noises Oh and how was Ipswich...Hot?? Good??

Bec said...

Your shop looks so lovely Trish. I will have to come down in person to have a look one day. Maybe I can time it when the markets are on -that would be a lovely day out!! Hope the expo went well for you :)
Cheers, Bec