Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I mentioned that I had bought a dragon from Wytcheholme Dolls at the last Expo in Ipswich. Wendy, the creator, uses my Hand Dyed Fabrics. Linda asked me if I had named it yet and of course I hadn't. I told Linda that I wanted something that sounded dragon-y and not too cute.

I was describing him to Linda and I believed that he looked a little scared, like he was peeking out from behind his fingers. Quick as a flash Linda named him 'Boo'.

I know. It doesn't sound very dragon-y, and it is cute. I think it suits him just the same.


bubbachenille said...

I think Boo is a fitting name because he does look scared, poor little thing evryone is scaring him, not the other way around!

Bec said...

Oh my, he is simply gorgeous - and your fabrics look great on him!! And I think his name is perfect :D