Saturday, 4 October 2008

Dyeing Catchup

These are some of the threads I dyed during the week.
They a quite messy. As I was going to be using them I didn't bother to tidy them up before drying.

This is the pile of ironing that greeted me this morning. Lucky I quite like ironing. This pile is the opshop clothes and the experimental fabric dyeing.
This is one of the skirts dyed and ironed. Unfortuantely a breeze twisted the hanger as I took the shot.
This is a close up of the colour/pattern of the short overalls.

Here are some of the experimental colours.

This started as Green and Black

This is Leaf and Black

Gold Yellow and Tuquoise

Scarlet and Black. The colours themselves aren't experimental it was more the way they were applied.

That was my Dyeing Week

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Phil said...

They look like Marble.