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The Crafters' Way 70 - Artisan Exhibitions

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Artisan Exhibitions

If you have never been to Artisan in Fortitude Valley then this month is the time to go. During October Artisan is holding not one but two exciting exhibition at the same time.

From 9 October 2008, Artisan showcases the ingenious work of five prominent Australian artists in A Secret History of Blue and White: Contemporary Australian Ceramics. The five artists, Robin Best, Stephen Benwell, Bronwyn Kemp, Vipoo Srivilasa and Gerry Wedd offer fresh interpretations of the historic art form of blue and white ceramics by taking this classic practice to new contemporary heights.

Robin Best’s snuff bottles are a miniature picture gallery of images related to trade, culture and designs taken from each of the countries that blue and white porcelain passed through on its way from China to Europe via India and the Middle East. The crisp patterning in fine cobalt drawings is carefully hand worked over the polished porcelain surface like an indigo tattoo. Robin Best’s snuff bottles investigate the relationship between China and the West and challenge cultural clich├ęs. On until November 8, the exhibition is a Queensland exclusive to Artisan, 381 Brunswick St. Fortitude Valley .

Image: Robin Best, In China We Trust, 2006, photo: Grant Hancock .

The second exhibition is Chrys Zantis’ Domestic Goddess. Using soft to touch wools, cottons, and silks Chrys has created pieces that looks at the ritual, seduction, passion, and power that reside in the domestic kitchen.
Chrys has an aversion to patterns, preferring to now break the rules learnt over a lifetime. “I choose to have an array of knitting needles; crochet hooks and yarns at my disposal so that at whim I can change any of the parameters in the construction process. I divide, increase, decrease, change stitch and join again. The joins become the openings within the knitted sculpture which I then embellish and beautify” states Chrys.
See Domestic Goddess in Artisan’s Ivory 24/7 space until 9th November.

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