Thursday, 2 October 2008

A Better Dyeing Day

I got lots more dyeing done today. First I finished the stamping on the pink pants.

Then I started painting on the blue pants. Not sure where I'm going with these, but they are for me so it doesn't really matter.

I also washed out all the threads from yesterday. No pictures yet.

Then I got started on the op shop skirts.

These are short overalls.

If this dress fit me I will keep it. I have the perfect shoes already.

This skirt has been dyed with gold yellow and violet. When it works its beautiful, a lovely soft gold is created where the two colours blend. If it doesn't work its... What can I say?

I needed to do some cleaning up before moving on. Here is some paper towel drying.

The next dyeing job was to increase the 3 pack stock levels. The image is of the Bouganvillea, Berry and Opal Lights.

While everything was set up......

I dyed some experimental colourways. They could turn out to be one-offs.

Won't know until tomorrow when I wash out.

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