Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Lace Dyeing

Remember my initial success dyeing synthetic lace with Cold Reactive Dyes? Well Linda from Lilly Cottage was really excited. It seems that she got carried away one day and brought a whole roll of some insipid lemon lace.

This is it soaking in the bucket of Soda Ash. We chose pink and tea rose (fingers crossed on that one).

I'm using Cold Reactive Dye thickened with Manutex. I started using the sponge brush but found the roller faster.

I layed the lace out onto plastic shower curtains and started rolling.

You need to apply a bit of pressure so that the colour penetrates right through.

Then hang it to dry. It drips just like normal dyeing so make sure that there is something to catch the drips underneath.

This is the tea rose. Once the lace is dry it need to be heat set. I'm going to try some multi coloured lace next. Just need to wait for the hanging space to be available.

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Sally said...

The tea rose looks just fine. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with it.