Monday, 22 September 2008

The Crafters Way 66 - A Bunch of Fives

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A Bunch of Fives

School Holidays have rolled around again. Here is an activity for the real littlies. Children love to trace around their hands, with this activity they can trace every body’s hands.

You will need:

Coloured paper, Child Safe Scissors, Pencil, Sticky Tape. Drinking Straws, Stapler (optional).

Step 1: Using the pencil trace the child’s hand onto the coloured paper. Cut out.

Step 2: Curl the fingers around the pencil. Curl outwards.

Step 3: Roll the palm of the hand into a cone. Try to make the hole only large enough for the straw. Secure the cone with sticky tape.

Step 4: Slide straw into hole to form a stem. Tape in place. If the hole is much larger than the straw you may need to staple to secure.

Options: Trace different hand sizes to create a ‘mixed bunch’.
Fold the paper wrong side facing to create contrasting flowers.
Use paper the child has painted.
Cut leaf shapes from green paper and add to stem.

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1 comment:

Sally said...

Day 3 of school holidays and already I'm searching the net for something to occupy the kids. This one's so easy even I can do it. Thanks