Saturday, 30 August 2008

Etsy - New

I got my act together and listed the Jeans on Etsy. The jeans, images and postage sheets were all in the same place at the same time.

The first pair were ECO DYED first. When i saw the way the colours swirled around I immediately thought my frog stamp would be perfect. I had cut it ages ago but hadn't used it.

I thickened the dye and started printing. The frogs appear on one leg only. They seemed a little 'flat'. When the print was dry I used an almost dry brush to add some gold fabric paint. When that was dry I brushed on a little more of the thickened dye. This method gives the frogs a bit more depth without sparkle.

The second pair were dyed specifically with the vine print in mind.

They were ECO DYED first then printed with thickened dye. For this pair I wanted a little more oomph, so the silver fabric paint is more obvious than on the frogs.

The Handprinted Jeans are so much fun to make.


Mary said...

They're brilliant.

traci said...

Your frogs look great, colour of jeans suits the design.

Anonymous said...

What do you use to thicken the dye?It looks amazing.