Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Takadai has arrived

Last year while attending the Kumihimo Conference I learnt how to use a takadai. This is a "high braiding stand'. I was hooked. Braiding on a marudai is one thing; the takadai is a totally different experience.

We had amazing teachers from around the world available to us. One, Leigh Morris from New Zealand, made me my very own. It arrived today, YIPPEE!

This is the box. I ripped into it, got to the books and stopped. I quickly glanced around the studio, had a peek in the lounge rooom and decided that I didn't actually have any room for it right now.
I have cushion pieces stacked up in the lounge and fabric waiting to be cut up in the studio . every flat surface is covered.
I am going to be at a craft show down the coast for the next week so it won't hurt to leave it in the box until that's finished.


meushi said...


So you finally joined the society of takadai owners! Welcome to the time sink that is takadai braiding :)

I have been so busy between the dogs, the house, the studies and the garden that I was unable to finish the last 4 inches of the 3/3 twill takadai braid in the last 3 months.

Shame on me,

Michael said...

Wow, its an impresssiv box. I admire your willpower. Hope to see some braids soon.